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Jyoti Kothari
via Google

I Always wished for my son to learn Takenwando but he was super scared to join any facility thinking he might hurt someone. Last year, same time, I asked him to give a try just for fun.. and since then there is no looking back. He is not only a proud member of black belt club but also look forward to each and every class, excelling and earning a stripe and leveling up. Kicks and tricks is one class he is passionate about.. Thank you To all the instructors for help raising a confident, strong and responsible :):)

Diana Fuentes
via Google

Both my kids started at the age of 3 and since then have been part of what we call family now. I can see their commitment grow as they keep growing. Instructors are great and I can see their commitment they have towards the kids. Thanks to that my oldest has mention before she will like to be an instructor when she grows up!

Monica Diaz
via Google

My two boys joined last summer for a trial week. To my surprise, they fell in love, and they decided to join and commit to the sport. The instructors are very engaged with their growth and development. Whether they communicate to them in person or via postcard mailing, they make my boys feel appreciated for their effort and are crucial members of their school. If you are thinking about it, give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

Mridula Agarwal
via Google

Our son had taken martial arts classes for about 2 years before joining here. Obviously he was apprehensive before his first class. But after his introductory class he was really happy and was looking forward to his next class. They also determined his level based on his previous experience and let him continue in his current belt which was an added bonus for us! He’s one step away from black belt now and very proud of him. Cannot thank his instructors enough. Could not have chosen a better school for him.

Pavan N.
via Google

My son has been going to this place for almost 3 years and he thoroughly enjoys learning martial arts here. The staff are very friendly and informative. They also host occasional parents night outs and my son enjoys those meets as well. I highly recommend this place for new students or at least try their free sessions. We have seen lot of improvement in my son's personality, he seems more mature and responsible with his daily chores. Thank you!

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